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dentures: I need serious dental work and dentures. I am in constant pain.

eileeno started this conversation
I need serious dental work and dentures. I am in constant pain.
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littlelacie   in reply to julee
Hi,yes there is some free dental in Sioux Falls.You can type in on internet,free dental,then your city,county, will then see a list of dental clinics in your area that have some free dental.Not all dental procedures are free at a clinic that says they have free dental:when you contact a clinic someone there will tell you which procedures are free or low cost.Some of these clinics that have some free dental are: Timothy J Kappenman,DDS, 208 W.37th St,Sioux Falls.605-332-6377. Sioux Falls Dental,3218 S. Norton Ave.,Sioux Falls. 605-336-1388 Advanced Dental 3517 W.57th St,Sioux Falls 605-275-6504
Usd Dental Clinic,521 N.Main Ave,Suite 202,Sioux Falls,605-367-8046 Dental Wellness,6104 S Lyncrest Ave,Sioux Falls,605-274-6191
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I also have pain only could afford upper denture they don't fit well so lose have few bottom real theeth no parial denture please help
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julee   in reply to littlelacie
free dental in Sioux falls sd in mininhaha county
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littlelacie   in reply to wrecked mouth
There is free dental in every state. type in free dental,city,county,state. you will see a list of places in your area that have free dental, also low cost and based on income fee.
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wrecked mouth
my teeth are mostly broken and missing. I get only 825 ssi and my teeth just keep taking turns inflaming..I have serious pain day and nite and no money to pay for help..
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